Sf HeroesThis is the sound of my own horn tooting *toot*

So, check out the new iPhone project “SF Heroes”. I worked the UI & Graphic Design for this project created by Cosmicube and for the city of San Francisco’s Department of Emergency Management.

Riffing on social gaming mobile applications such as FarmVille and FourSquare, San Francisco wants to reward you for disaster preparation – not with money, but with digital satisfaction.

Employing a motivational method known to tech industry aficionados as “gamification,” The City’s Department of Emergency Management said a new app called SF Heroes will be available for the iPhone on Friday, with an Android version coming in spring. The game allows users to connect with friends and complete tasks through games and in real life, earning them “badges” that rank them against online counterparts.

They wanted a fun comicbook look. It’s a little retro and a lot bold. This app available on iTunes now, and for Android later in the year. ~G

Read more at the SF Examiner at: http://www.sfexaminer.com/local/2011/10/san-francisco-release-game-based-disaster-preparedness-app-today

Check out SF Heroes on iTunes