So, I’m fully down with a little bit of protest– #occupySF, which is happening a block away from my work. Every society needs a bit of revolution, but, I have to say, it just looks like haight st. & golden gate park on a Friday night, just moved in. I want to support, but I also support proper hygiene. I’m a little disappointed, in what I see, and maybe a little disappointed in myself, for not joining.

I’m angry, and honestly jealous, of the money that flows thru these buildings called the Financial District. It upsets me that I see someone wearing a $2,000 suit, and I struggle just to pay my bills. But, those are my issues.

Call me lazy, but I think I’ll just buy these protesters some supplies. (i.e. Water, deodorant & coffee). My head needs to wrap around how they could protest, better. I want to see a strong voice, instead of the patchouli-oiled-up dude tripping and twirling on the corner, feeding his parrot.

People are angry, and people are trying to do something about it. Currently there’s a block of tents along Market St., in front of the Federal bldg, right by the Bart Embarcadero Station entrance. The protest is slowly growing, and with the evident police presence, now downtown (in laced-up booted, pre-riot outfits. But, dogs, helmets & clubs within close reach.), this protest is probably going to stay around a bit.

There’s an unsettling energy in the area, maybe I should take up twirling in anger myself, and tweet about it.

Anyways, I have a blog and that’s my 2 cent opinion.